Sunday, 8 January 2012

Semester 2

Well that was a little bit hectic...

Passed all my finals. That's the good news. On the college side of it, I got an A+,A+, A, A- and a B. I'm quite happy with that. The B was for English, for the last assignment it was supposed to be a critical analysis of a documentary on morgues and with a friend of mine dying earlier this semester, it was too close to do a good job. I'm cool with that.

Then came the distance learning course. Anatomy and Physiology. My bugbear for the semester. I did the final exam on the 16th, and the final assignment on the 24th. My deadline as given by the college was the 31st of January. My distance learning tutor was aware of that.

The college elected to de-enroll me on the 24th or 25, I don't know. I found out on the 25th when I checked (yes I'm a sad person who checks courses on Christmas day. My family lives abroad, so sue me if I don't enjoy Christmas very much.) Cue many many many phone calls to Distance Uni and Local College during the week after the 16th, and a good bit of panic as I was convinced I had not passed my exam and I had a deadline to meet.

Nobody seemed to get this and everyone advocated watchful waiting. If I had have followed that approach I'd have been scuppered.

So I went on the Distance Uni facebook site and when they started telling us all how students where their pride and joy, I publically asked them why I couldn't get any help then?

Things started happening, slowly, but before New Year I spent 40+ hours on the phone and email to them. And I type fast. I got the mark back, a 62. I had passed.

On the third I went in to Local College. Local Collage swears they could not accept printout  (under their noses) of syllabus, marks and unofficial transcript. They needed an official one. Distance Uni swore it would take 4-6 weeks. I calculated my final grade as I had marks and values available in less than a minute. I spoke to more managers and stuff. I got four different stories from different people.  I had their registrars office sending my registrars office saying things like 'she has a b- average, and she's passed her course, we haven't got the transcript put together but she's completed it' and still they wouldn't accept it.

It was very frustrating. My course starts on monday.
On thursday I called the dean and broke down crying. She told me that i should relax and just go with it and things would happen and that they wanted me. And my only thought was 'then put your money where your mouth is'. and I walked away for the day. I was done. Sitting back and relaxing is not appropriate when there are three days left till semester starts.

I got re-enrolled on a probationary basis until the final transcript comes, based on the unofficial transcript, but it has to get there before the 16th. I've paid for it to be couriered, both to Local college and to myself. I don't trust it with just one copy. I'm still waiting for it.

I'm also overenrolled now, with an extra bio course i've already done.

Right now i'm not confident either of these two institutions are where I want to continue later and do my LPN-RN bridge when the time comes to it.

And today I should be reading ahead for tomorrow's class, as for a first class of a year? 10 chapters of pharmacology due? Dude! that's just brutal.

And I"m still trying to find energy. I'm told I had a holiday. But I just feel like I had an extended finals period. I don't feel like I rested at all.

I've started taking st john wort again in the hope of more than three hours uninterrupted sleep a night.

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