Sunday, 22 January 2012

Semester 2, week 3

Well, we've had our first two out of fourteen weeks. No clinical yet, that comes after they pump our brains full of more stuff. And I already have two midterms in week 3 and 4. And a math exam that counts as a midterm. We barely got started! and as I started late..well..i'm still 2 days behind but I'm working on it.

Went to a medieval event yesterday and was there late, which didn't help matters with the brain, as usually i'm good at math and nursing math is not an exception. Its 'rithmetic. I do a lot of that without scratch paper. Today however, I can't even divide 75 by 2. I suspect its that cold i'm coming down with. Cannot brain, have the dumb.

Still, we're getting into med administration. I'm not sure if I think its awesome or terrifying that by the end of the semester we'll be sticking needles into people. I have no issues with needles -stick away as far as I'm concerned - but sticking needles? that's a different ballgame. Suspect I'll be fine once I actually get to do it.

I"m doing one course less than most this semester because of the way I did anatomy and physiology last semester and I"m very glad for the head start. Its making things a lot easier.

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