Sunday, 6 May 2012

readers digest update of the last four months.

So, time to update...

I know its been forever. So, under headings

The house:
My tenants moved out. One new tenant found, need one more soon. Here's hoping, the adverts are up. In the mean time, I've moved down. Of course, I've also been planting seedlings like mad, and last friday checked the weather- nope, looked to be all clean and green and planted htem in new eavestrough gardens (take eavestroughs, sillycone in the ends, drill drainage holes, put mosquito gauze over hte holes for drainage and silicone them in too, fill with dirt, add seeds/seedlings), which of course meant lethbridge had to have a blizzard (unforecasted) teh very next day. Its may and I was walking around with snow in my hair, a good crusting of it, and with my SUV covered in snow.

And on that note, the Jetta I had met its final demise at the hands of the firebrigades 'extraction training'. Hey, its a good a death as any, and it serves a purpose. That makes me happy. I now have an SUV, its blue, big and with a dent in the passenger door. I didn't put it there. Affectionately known as 'beast' or 'hank'. Yes I am a geek and a dork.

On that note, went to comic expo and yes, got in thankfully. James marsters was still cute, even if he's a bit older now. I didn't have much to spend but much enjoyment and good friends more than made up for it. Met up with a few folks I ran a room for last year, and saw a friend again, and tried to stalk publishers, not very effectively mind you.

And on the writing note, I've finished first draft of the novel and it appears that since the netbook's death and due to a few other issues, I've had trouble writing. WEll I can edit hardcopy apparently, but not on screen. So, a full third of the novel printed and currently going through first edit at a rate of knots. So far so good. And working on a second piece of fiction as well.

The other reason I've been having trouble writing is sheer exhaustion, and maybe a touch of depression playing in there. I've been talking to a therapist at college biweekly, and she thinks my coping mechanisms tend to be good (which, I suppose means no self harming behaviours, excessive drinking or drugs). I've also restarted st john wort...and it seems to be making a difference there so ..yeah. Kinda thinking I'll be on that stuff for a while by the looks of it, I'd hoped it was just a case of SAD.

But the other part is these courses. I mean the firs semester was brutal, I was doing a 190% of full time hours...and the second semester was around 120% or so, if I don't miss my math. That's a lot of work. And clinical is a steep learning curve.

I don't mind that, I got really good marks this semester (a-, a-, a, a+, credit) and i'm doing really well, but sometimes I'm a bit too competetive. Trying to temper it but I'm not very good at that. This summer I'm doing psych and sociology.

I had a summer job for all of two weeks, palliative home care but the gal ..well, I had to call an ambulance and I haven't heard from the agency since. Needless to say that was the exact good time to be hunting jobs. This town is 10-20% student, depending on who's statistic you believe, and that means a lot of kids hunting for jobs. I'm still hunting but not holding out a huge amount of hope.

in the mean time I've moved downstairs into the basement, the third level bedrooom (4 level split) and i"m working on getting as much aquafit in as I can stand (i'm down 6 kg or so since january - i'd have to check and that means finding out where the new batteries for the scale went), and i'm working on sticking to a low carb diet. It helps that my friend, Strangecreature, is bribing me with pretty pictures.

In the mean time Mr Nibbles the ball python died.

I've adopted a kitty, a red moggie that was found wandering by one of Strangecreature's friends. He's been renamed Cheshire and really thinks I'm an evil kitty-parent for not letting him outside. Please note, that there are coyotes outside? yeah I think not. No kitty-dinner for them. He'll get used to it. I hope. By the cat-erwailing. *G*

And that is the quick overview...I think..of hte last few months. Learned some cool skills though, but I jsut want this course over and done with and get back to earning and income. I think I'm past being an eternal student that way. I need that money.


  1. wow you've been busy. congrats on the great grades!

  2. Yep, now on to summer school and 2 courses..psych and Soc!

    And thank you, I'm very proud of them. ;-)

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