Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I fucked up. And I'm an idiot.

Not the midterms. 3 down and 1 to go. So far:
Pharmacology: 82 out of 91, with 16 open questions ungraded, and a 10% bonus for awesomesauce drugcards. I may get high nineties there, wonder what will happen if I break a hundred?
Health assesment lab: 47 out of 48, 16 points available on charting as yet ungraded. Minimum of 77%.
Health theory: 93.5, unless they yank one badly worded question..then it may go up to 95.

To go: another health class.

What I fucked up on? Just most of my social life. And at this point I don't know how to fix it, or even if I should be the one to fix it. I may well end up doing it mind you as i'm in the minority and part of it is my fault. I just don't know where to even start.

And in the mean time, insomnia is being wicked and i'm on nine hours of sleep over three nights.

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