Wednesday, 8 February 2012

midterms are upon us

With a vengeance! They are! They're doing 2/3rds of the readings in the first half of the semester so we can go into clinical actually knowing stuff.

the good: Well, pharmacology math, I passed with a 98. I can't believe the question i got wrong, the first one, and a simple conversion I got right in my calculations next to it..and then tickied the wrong one.

Then there's the first few theory midterms, which I've done pretty well on (can't recall exact marks, but nothing under 85 out of 100) and today was practical skill test - I lost out at least 20 out of 100 on forgetting to verbalise that I knew what my doctors order was despite the fact I did, clearly, and told my dummy all about why I was doing it. I also managed to break sterile field once. We only got one lab to learn that skill earlier this week. I'm not horribly horribly upset, as I know it was literally a slip of the hand. We worked with foreceps once, yes, the odd item is going to drop sometimes until I've practiced it some more. Still, I passed.

Now in the mean time, I have four more midterms next week. One is practical, and that would be a relatively doable one, I deem. Three theory. I'll pass, the only question is what kind of mark. I'm going to have to put my nose to the grindstone.

The thing that vexes me though, is pharmacology. Not the readings, I don't mind those though they are american based -and I do have to question the amount we have to learn about a different countries legal system - and we're in Canada. No, its the drug cards.

You can buy perfectly good drug cards. You can read them and learn them before you go in. no, they want something like 96 drug cards for midterms, and again as many for finals. Its worth 15% of our grades, so I can't afford to give it up.

But typing that much, and there is a good bit of data on one drug card, really isnt' learning it. You type and its straight data entry. Or I guess most of my classmates are writing but I find it faster to type, and I manipulate word well. Besides this way I can read 'em!

Still, I can't give up the marks. But this strikes me as several days of work I can better spend studying the material. Its makework.  I'm going to end up playing with craft paper and glitter glue again.
An example of one of the cards:

Metoprolol aka Lopresor
Contra: uncompensated CHF, pulmonary edema, cardiogenic shock, bradycardia
Drug Class: beta blocker, antianginals, antihypertensive Preg Cat C
Route: PO
Angina/hypertension: 25-100 mg qd/BID, up to 450mg qd
MI: 25-50mg q 6 hr/48 hr then 100mg qd 3months

Heart failure: 12.5-25mg qd, doubling/2 wks to 200 mg
For: hypertension, angina pectoris, prevent/treat MI's, management heart failure
Check: BP, ECG, HR, I&O, lab tests, freq/character of angina
Side effects: BRADYCARDIA, CHF, PULMONARY EDEMA, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, weakness
Teaching: - take as directed, do not miss
- check pulse, bp biweekly
- orthostatic hypertension and drowsiness may occur

Still, I guess at least its legible?


  1. Time to start doing cross stitch and beading while using the forceps to manipulate the needle?

  2. Heh. I may have to try that. Be good practice for sure!