Sunday, 12 February 2012


one more week of midterms. Pharmacology on monday. Both health assessment classes on wednesday, i think. Turns out on campus students are doing one of htem on tuesday and the instructor emailed everyone into a panic by saying we did as well. They're busy sorting it. I hope that its wed as I haven't got stuff ready for tues.Our practical is on wed. We're out on distance campus on wed. It makes sense for it to be on wed.

and there is a health and the individual one on friday

and in the mean time, i'm not doing well with the stress and I think I've pissed off everyone who gives a damn. I'm just done. I want to hide in a hobbit hole.

I don't know if its SAD, if i'm getting a case of depression (did a clinical depression test at the councilling services and I score in the 'could use meds' category. Talked to the gal there and we agreed to give it two weeks as i'm off sleep deprivation re the stupid infecting tooth that could be influencing it). I'm starting to think I need them. Nurse heal thyself? I'm just not sure i can afford meds right now. I'm taking st john wort

And right now i should get off here and finish studying. 10.45 pm and i have a mere 40 pages to go. I can do that. Suspect i've pissed my best mate here off as she's online, my messages aren't bouncing and she's not responding. Hell, I"ll probably piss everyone else i talk to off as well.

have a youtube clip, to make up for the whinging

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